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Our Little Story !

« 3 septennats after their first service, Bernadette and Rémi GOHEL, always hold with conviviality and gluttony, the handle of the jumper of their country inn, with the decoration extremely personalized!

What’s more normal, for these 2 elders of the restaurant « Pre catelan », the time of Sieur Gaston Lenôtre, who initiated them in the most beautiful ways

Norman pure juice, Rémi was raised in the heart of the family deli. Garlic sausage, black and white pudding formed his young palate.
Bernadette was born in England. This is surely why this irish pure juice, has no equal, to regale you…of a tasty beef Wellington. Of course !

At the inn of La Chaumière, you are served with kindness, a seasonal cuisine with flavors and mastered cooking where the fireplace glowing fireplace, will complete the cooking of your favorite food. Hum! »